The Past and the Present of Online Poker Games

It was in the later years of the 1990s that online poker began. The prominent poker game was offered by IRC Poker for free and its introduction was a huge hit among internet users and poker enthusiasts. More online free poker games became available and it was not long until more online casinos were established. At present, these online casinos and so called Sports Book rule the online poker community and the explosion of the number of online poker gamers continues to increase through the years.


Why Online Poker Became a Hit

There are many reasons why online poker became popular. The present stature of online poker gaming is attributed to the speed of the game. When a game takes place, it takes place real time among players who may be in different parts of the world.
If you will compare them with the traditional or the land based casinos, online casinos have more advantages. It pays to highlight the differences to appreciate the value of an online casino where one can play poker in real time.


1. The traditional poker game has to gather players in a specific establishment before a game starts. In a single click, a new online game is created.


2. The playing cards have to be shuffled and the chips have to be counted. But in an online poker game, every game will be dealt right away.

3. What happens in the 60 minutes of the game? In an offline game, there are around 33 hands while in an online poker game the average would be 100 hands. The difference is quick to imagine and compare.


4. Ease of play is achieved online and this is exactly the reason why people of all backgrounds resort to playing online rather than offline.


5. If you have credit card, the more you will appreciate playing online. It is easy for you to fund your poker account because you can do the transfer, the deposit, and the withdrawal in just a click. Though there are credit card providers who restrict holders’ use of their cards in playing poker, there are more providers who allow their holders to do so. So, without effort, every player can virtually fund their poker account without having a huge fuss about it.


6. Online poker players have to be certain that they are using highly secured and safe accounts. This is easy to determine and monitor especially if players are already particular with the tools and features of a specific poker website. If a malicious feature is seen, the player will be informed right away.


7. Online casinos are being monitored by a gambling agency that makes sure there is accuracy within the game.


It is easy to notice that reputable online casinos are dedicated to providing quality and highly regulated gaming environment. Through the years poker games and online gaming continued to make a difference in the lives of poker players. With this, online poker sure has a bright future.

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