The Ins and Outs Of Limits Poker

Poker is without doubt one of the most, if not the most, popular casino games available to play, regardless of which type of game is chosen. Although a large amount of players enjoying playing freely, without any form of limits, a respectable percentage of poker players enjoying playing limits poker. A popular variant of the game, poker games with limits generally restrict the betting to a certain amount, which ensures that no one person can monopolise the game with money alone. With many different versions available, there is a suitable limits poker game for everyone.


Fixed Limit. Often seen as one of the most popular limits poker games, a fixed limit game decides on the amount each bet is worth beforehand, with the only betting input from the players being whether to bet or not. Furthermore, raises and re-raises are generally limited to a set amount, which is again predefined prior to the game beginning.


Kill Game. Occasionally mistaken for the poker term killing a hand, in which an official makes a playing hand a dead hand, a kill game is a variant of fixed limit poker where if a kill hand is activated and there are various ways to do this, increased betting is allowed for that hand. However, it also means that a kill blind must be played, which can be up to twice as much as the initial big blind.


Spread Limit. One of the more flexible limits poker games, a spread limit game sets a predefined range of bets that can be placed throughout the game. A prime example would be a spread limit poker game of one to ten, in which bets are limited to between 1 unit and 10 units of the chosen betting money. Most games allow an increased wager amount in the last round of betting, although this is still predefined.


Pot Limit. Probably the most popular limits poker game, pot limit poker games have the rule that players can not raise an amount that is greater than the total size of the pot. Whilst it may be a daunting game for beginners, particularly as it requires the players to keep a mental note of how big the pot is, as the figure often is not disclosed, the tension in later hands of a game can create a very exhilarating game.


Cap Limit. Whilst not widely played online, cap limit games offer the protection of being able to play as strategically as one would in games without a pot limit, but without risking all of ones money. This works as players are allowed to bet as freely as they want, but each player is given a preset amount that they can bet. Once this has been met, all remaining players are seen as being all in, betting ceases and the remaining cards are shown.


No Limit. Cited as the standard type of poker, most no limit games do have some form of restriction in them, which is generally a minimum amount that can be wagered throughout each round.

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