The Huge Prize Offered In Joker Poker Is No Joke

Hardcore online poker games can be intimidating. This is most especially true for green horns that are yet to develop their poker skills. However, the dilemma brought by participating in online poker is readily addressed by the introduction of video pokers.

Video poker shares similarities with poker games. It also observes the hierarchy of poker hands, but it the difference is that you go against a machine. Many poker fundamentalists see this set-up as an insult to poker since it is highly regarded as a great skill game. However, their rants and whines didn’t matter since the game has already formed a cult-like following and one of the video poker games, which sells like hotcakes is Joker Poker.


How it works

Joker Poker requires you to form a strong hand out of the cards that were given to you.


You will be shown five (5) cards and you have the freedom to choose the ones that you want to retain and discard the ones that you do not need. Other cards replaced those that were discarded and you win if you were able to form a hand. The stronger the hand, the higher the reward.


In some occasions, you will notice that cards, which have already formed a hand right after they were distributed, were automatically retained. Under this scenario, you have the option to go for your hand or discard another card and hope that the hand that you form is stronger than what you previously formed.


Now, the name game is not called Joker Poker for nothing. This game features a joker, which you can use to form a hand. Only this game has this feature, which, apparently, makes it more lucrative than other video poker games.


The bonus feature

Whenever you win, you are asked if you want to double your prize. You have two options to do this. Its either you bet all your winnings or just half of it.


The interface

The interface is an ultimate no brainer. A few click and scans are all you need to get the hang of this game.


Flop or hot?

This game burns! It is burning hot with opportunities to increase your bankroll. Next to slots, video poker is probably the next best game that will dominate the online casino world. Moreover, among the range of video poker offered online, it would not be a surprise if this game becomes a household name.

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