The Past and the Present of Online Poker Games

It was in the later years of the 1990s that online poker began. The prominent poker game was offered IRC Poker for free and its introduction was a huge hit among internet users and poker enthusiasts. More online free poker games became available and it was not long until more online casinos were established. At present, these online casinos and so called Sports Book rule the online poker community and the explosion of the number of online poker gamers continues to increase through the years.


Why Online Poker Became a Hit

There are many reasons why online poker became popular. The present stature of online poker gaming is attributed to the speed of the game. When a game takes place, it takes place real time among players who may be in different parts of the world.
If you will compare them with the traditional or the land based casinos, online casinos have more advantages. It pays to highlight the differences to appreciate the value of an online casino where one can play poker in real time.


1. The traditional poker game has to gather players in a specific establishment before a game starts. In a single click, a new online game is created.


2. The playing cards have to be shuffled and the chips have to be counted. But in an online poker game, every game will be dealt right away.

3. What happens in the 60 minutes of the game? In an offline game, there are around 33 hands while in an online poker game the average would be 100 hands. The difference is quick to imagine and compare.


4. Ease of play is achieved online and this is exactly the reason why people of all backgrounds resort to playing online rather than offline.


5. If you have credit card, the more you will appreciate playing online. It is easy for you to fund your poker account because you can do the transfer, the deposit, and the withdrawal in just a click. Though there are credit card providers who restrict holders’ use of their cards in playing poker, there are more providers who allow their holders to do so. So, without effort, every player can virtually fund their poker account without having a huge fuss about it.


6. Online poker players have to be certain that they are using highly secured and …

The Many Reasons to Gamble with Bitcoins

The expanding world of online gaming and gambling is no doubt extremely popular throughout the globe and Bitcoin is quickly becoming the currency of choice for the gamblers. Almost all the online casinos choose to use Bitcoin as their exchange currency owing to its accessibility and the user friendly interface which gives the players infinite flexibility. Best of all, there is a pool of options available for the gamblers when it comes to Bitcoin game options. Some of the most celebrated choices include American Roulette, European Roulette, Casino War, Video Poker, Black Jack, Baccarat, Lucky 7, Dice, Mine Sweeper, Surrender, Switch and many more. Table games namely – Craps, Caribbean Stud, Let Em Ride, 3 Card Poker and Pai Gow are also on the palate.


However, there is still strong believe or say confusion among the people about the practical application of Bitcoin among new Bitcoin gamblers. This makes it important for the gamblers to be careful and educated while selecting their first online casino to register with. It is always advised to do a little bit of research as it may help you in going a long way. Exploring the authenticity of the software to be used for playing can do the wonders. No wonder, you may put trust in the online casinos that promise significant investments. Despite the instant popularity and excitement surrounding this innovative currency, it is still in it’s early progressive stage and many changes are sure to be seen.


As per the market experts, Bitcoin is a very promising invention and has a bright future with online gaming and gambling, globally. This advanced currency has inspired many others to develop their own digital currencies, and for all good reasons. This is also an integral part of the fun and openness that is encouraged among the players with these peer to peer currencies. Some of the prominent reasons why Bitcoin gaming is on the rise among the people are:


Flexibility of deposits and speedy withdrawals with no time limit. Most of the traditional form of gambling requires days or weeks to get the deposits.

Online transaction, security and most importantly, anonymity has made gambling online with Bitcoin more alluring and promising.


Online games can be enjoyed thoroughly as Bitcoin is convenient to use to great deal.

Casinos for gambling with Bitcoin have minimal additional fees.


Bitcoin currency is widely accepted across …

The Ins and Outs Of Limits Poker

Poker is without doubt one of the most, if not the most, popular casino games available to play, regardless of which type of game is chosen. Although a large amount of players enjoying playing freely, without any form of limits, a respectable percentage of poker players enjoying playing limits poker. A popular variant of the game, poker games with limits generally restrict the betting to a certain amount, which ensures that no one person can monopolise the game with money alone. With many different versions available, there is a suitable limits poker game for everyone.


Fixed Limit. Often seen as one of the most popular limits poker games, a fixed limit game decides on the amount each bet is worth beforehand, with the only betting input from the players being whether to bet or not. Furthermore, raises and re-raises are generally limited to a set amount, which is again predefined prior to the game beginning.


Kill Game. Occasionally mistaken for the poker term killing a hand, in which an official makes a playing hand a dead hand, a kill game is a variant of fixed limit poker where if a kill hand is activated and there are various ways to do this, increased betting is allowed for that hand. However, it also means that a kill blind must be played, which can be up to twice as much as the initial big blind.


Spread Limit. One of the more flexible limits poker games, a spread limit game sets a predefined range of bets that can be placed throughout the game. A prime example would be a spread limit poker game of one to ten, in which bets are limited to between 1 unit and 10 units of the chosen betting money. Most games allow an increased wager amount in the last round of betting, although this is still predefined.


Pot Limit. Probably the most popular limits poker game, pot limit poker games have the rule that players can not raise an amount that is greater than the total size of the pot. Whilst it may be a daunting game for beginners, particularly as it requires the players to keep a mental note of how big the pot is, as the figure often is not disclosed, the tension in later hands of a game can create a very exhilarating game.


Cap Limit. Whilst not widely played …

The Huge Prize Offered In Joker Poker Is No Joke

Hardcore online poker games can be intimidating. This is most especially true for green horns that are yet to develop their poker skills. However, the dilemma brought participating in online poker is readily addressed the introduction of video pokers.

Video poker shares similarities with poker games. It also observes the hierarchy of poker hands, but it the difference is that you go against a machine. Many poker fundamentalists see this set-up as an insult to poker since it is highly regarded as a great skill game. However, their rants and whines didn’t matter since the game has already formed a cult-like following and one of the video poker games, which sells like hotcakes is Joker Poker.


How it works

Joker Poker requires you to form a strong hand out of the cards that were given to you.


You will be shown five (5) cards and you have the freedom to choose the ones that you want to retain and discard the ones that you do not need. Other cards replaced those that were discarded and you win if you were able to form a hand. The stronger the hand, the higher the reward.


In some occasions, you will notice that cards, which have already formed a hand right after they were distributed, were automatically retained. Under this scenario, you have the option to go for your hand or discard another card and hope that the hand that you form is stronger than what you previously formed.


Now, the name game is not called Joker Poker for nothing. This game features a joker, which you can use to form a hand. Only this game has this feature, which, apparently, makes it more lucrative than other video poker games.


The bonus feature

Whenever you win, you are asked if you want to double your prize. You have two options to do this. Its either you bet all your winnings or just half of it.


The interface

The interface is an ultimate no brainer. A few click and scans are all you need to get the hang of this game.


Flop or hot?

This game burns! It is burning hot with opportunities to increase your bankroll. Next to slots, video poker is probably the next best game that will dominate the online casino world. Moreover, among the range of video poker offered online, it …